Call for Paper: Landslides: Origin, Monitoring and Control

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the Call for Paper for a Special Issue on "Landslides: Origin, Monitoring and Control".

About the Special Issue:

Guest Editor:

Dr. Pamela Carolina Pesántez-Cabrera
University of Cuenca,
Mariscal Lamar 21-47 & Daniel Alvarado,
Cuenca – Ecuador
Tel: +59 3992234263

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2022

Aims and Scope:

Landslides are one of the most destructive geological processes that affect human beings, causing deaths and socioeconomic losses. It is a common problem that houses are built on steep slopes due to the low prices of these lands and the accelerated growth of urban areas. These slopes experience landslides, which cause damage to the construction. It is essential to monitor landslides and is vital for mapping and proper urban planning to protect the inhabitants at risk. This monitoring can be carried out using classic topography techniques such as differential GNSS or combined total station using active sensors such as RADAR or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), among many other alternatives. Detecting large landslides is a major problem, and such studies require financial and human resources and long periods, usually weeks or months. Additionally, changing climatic conditions create morphological variations due to accelerated precipitation. Therefore, it is necessary to look for solutions to improve the detection process of areas at risk of massive movements.

The use of UAV or remote sensing methods for this problem is essential since this technique can detect the movement generated by a landslide. However, traditional surveying techniques must complement UAV or remote sensing techniques to achieve more accurate results.

In addition, it is essential to cover a structural analysis of the buildings near these areas with the fundamental support of aerial images from a drone. This way, it will be possible to monitor all landslides and their surroundings.

This special issue encourages presentations on the latest research on the origin, monitoring, and control of landslides.


Prof. Greg You
Global Journal of Earth Science and Engineering

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