Flower Pollination Algorithm Based PDFF Controller for a Two-Area Interconnected Thermal Power System with Gas / Diesel Units
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Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA), Load- Frequency Control (LFC), Pseudo Derivative Feed Forward Controller (PDFF).

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Subramanian GG, Chidambaram IA, Manoharan JS. Flower Pollination Algorithm Based PDFF Controller for a Two-Area Interconnected Thermal Power System with Gas / Diesel Units. Glob. J. Energ. Technol. Res. Updat. [Internet]. 2017 Dec. 31 [cited 2024 Feb. 22];4(1):26-34. Available from: https://avantipublishers.com/index.php/gjetru/article/view/773


This paper presents a new approach for designing a Pseudo Derivative Feed Forward (FDFF) controller for the load- frequency control of the interconnected power system comprising Thermal power system and Gas / Diesel power plants. The proposed PDFF controller is designed to improve the dynamic performance of the frequency and tie line power under a sudden load disturbance in an area with the computation of Ancillary Service Requirement Assessment Indices (ASRAI). The PDFF controller is optimized using Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA) which is based on the quality of pollination process of flowers. The optimized PDFF controller is implemented to bring back the frequency to stable state and the net interchanges to their desired values for each control area in the shortest possible time based on the settling time and peak over shoot concept of control input deviations of each area. Simulation result reveals that the interconnected thermal power system with Gas power plant ensures a better dynamic and steady state performance than that of the system incorporated with Diesel power plant.



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