Rock Typing and Characterization of the Late Cretaceous Abu Roash "G" Reservoirs at East Alam El-Shawish Field, Western Desert, Egypt
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Abu Roash
Rock typing
Petrophysical analysis
Reservoir quality index
Reservoir characterization
Reservoir potentiality & flow zone

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Sabry MM, Abdel-Fattah MI, El-Shafie MK. Rock Typing and Characterization of the Late Cretaceous Abu Roash "G" Reservoirs at East Alam El-Shawish Field, Western Desert, Egypt. Int. J. Petrol. Technol. [Internet]. 2023 Nov. 1 [cited 2023 Dec. 2];10:115-34. Available from:


Rock typing and petrophysical characterization play a vital role in constructing reservoir models for petroleum exploration and development. This study focuses on evaluating the petrophysical characteristics of the Late Cretaceous Abu Roash "G" Reservoirs at the East Alam El Shawish field in Egypt's Western Desert. The study involved five vertical wells and employed various techniques and analyses to investigate the reservoir. Lithology determination utilizing well logs and core analysis helps identify the lithology types and corresponding porosity of the Abu Roash "G" reservoirs. Sandstone and limestone lithologies with varying porosity ranges were identified, along with the influence of shale on neutron porosity values. Facies analysis of the Abu Roash "G" Member identified seven lithofacies types, categorized into shallow marine and deeper marine depositional environments. The petrophysical analysis involves evaluating gamma-ray logs, porosity, permeability, flow zone indicator (FZI), and reservoir quality index (RQI) values for each lithofacies type. This analysis classifies the core samples into seven reservoir rock types (RRT1 to RRT7) based on petrophysical attributes, providing a clear classification of the Abu Roash "G" reservoir interval. RRT1, RRT2, and RRT3 exhibit the highest reservoir quality, while RRT4 and RRT5 indicate moderate reservoir quality. RRT6 and RRT7 exhibit low reservoir quality due to unfavorable petrophysical behavior. The findings of this study provide valuable insights into the Abu Roash "G" reservoir, including its lithofacies, reservoir properties, and depositional environments. This knowledge is crucial for reservoir characterization and optimizing oil production strategies in the region.


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