Photocatalytic Oxidation Kinetics for Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene with Al2O3/g-C3N4 Heterojunction
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Photocatalytic oxidation

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Rui-Hong Liu, Fa-Tang Li. Photocatalytic Oxidation Kinetics for Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene with Al2O3/g-C3N4 Heterojunction. Int. J. Petrol. Technol. [Internet]. 2015 Jan. 8 [cited 2024 Feb. 22];1(2):33-6. Available from:


Al2O3/g-C3N4 heterojunction is fabricated for the photocatalytic removal of dibenzothiophene in oil-water biphasic system and the reaction kinetics is studied. The influences of Al2O3/g-C3N4 ratio and photocatalyst dosage on reaction rate constant are investigated. The results indicate that the optimum addition of Al2O3/g-C3N4 composite is 0.075 g in 100 mL reaction system and the photooxidation kinetics of dibenzothiophene follows first-order reaction. The sulfur removal of dibenzothiophene can reach 90.3 % in 4 h under the irradiation of mercury lamp and the sulfur content can be decreased from 200 to below 20 ppm.


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