Call for Paper: Artificial Intelligence and Metaheuristic Optimization Methods in Engineering and Biomedical Application

Dear Colleagues,

Classical optimization techniques usually are based on deterministic models requiring computing well-conditioned gradients. In practice, such models are non-linear, delayed, discontinued, or saturable, rendering unstable or prohibited to compute the system derivatives and an associated very complex convergence. In this context, the metaheuristic optimization algorithms are a recent alternative to cope with complex non-linear systems providing reliable solutions to many engineering and science areas. 

This special issue intends to promote the revision and publishing of outstanding theoretical and practical applications of metaheuristic optimization techniques to solve engineering problems with special emphasis but not exclusive to biomedical applications. Therefore, all high-level research studies applying artificial intelligence and metaheuristic optimization for solving engineering and science applications based on a formal mathematical description are welcome.

You can submit your manuscript online here.

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2022

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