Volume 8, 2021 Published; Glob. J. Agric. Innov. Res. Dev.

Dear Colleagues,

As Co-Editor-in-Chief of "Global Journal of Agricultural Innovation, Research & Development" I would first like to thank all of the associates (authors, editors and reviewers) who have made it possible to publish high qualitative scientific papers.

The last issue of “Global Journal of Agricultural Innovation, Research & Development” GJAIRD has been published by December 31, 2021. This 8th volume is particularly rich of 7 full papers research and a special issue dedicated to “Biofumigation 7”, the International Symposium on Biocidal and Non-Biocidal Plants to improve Soil Health. (View Issue)

In 2022, Agricultural research will be at the heart of the scientific world since the expectations of the population for better quality and more secured food as never been as important.

In this context, GJAIRD offers you a simple, efficient and transparent means of publication.

Finally, GJAIRD supports scientific events such as congresses, which allows greater visibility for the proceedings that are published online in open access.

I wish everyone a great year of research in 2022 and we look forward to your quality contributions in order to publish them in our journal.


Cedric Camps

Co-Editor-in-Chief - Glob. J. Agric. Innov. Res. Dev.


Research Division, Plant Production Systems 

Head of Research Group « Greenhouse Crops »


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