International Journal of Petroleum Technology

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Vol. 10 (2023)
Published May 10, 2023

The International Journal of Petroleum Technology (IJPT) is the go-to resource for researchers, academics, and practitioners seeking to stay on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving field of petroleum technology. This interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed platform is dedicated to publishing research and development works of the highest technical standards, with an appropriate balance of practice and theory across the broad topics of Petroleum and Oil Technology.

IJPT encourages original research articles and insightful reviews in all aspects of the field, with a particular emphasis on the following areas of interest: Production of hydrocarbons, Petroleum Exploration (Drilling, Production and Flow), Single and Multiphase Fluid Flows in Porous Media, Physical-Chemical Properties and Rheological Behaviour, Petroleum Geochemistry, Petro Physics, Petroleum Economics, Petroleum Geology, Oil Refining and Process Engineering, Synthetic Fuel Technologies, Oil Shale Technology, Drilling, and Drilling Fluids.

In addition to providing cross-learning between scientific and technological realms, IJPT also takes into account the public's concerns regarding environmental, health, and safety issues. This includes original investigations focused on the multiscale approach of the modern, sustainable green petroleum and oil technology that is set to be encountered in the factory of the future. Process intensification that requires new green technologies such as catalysts, green solvents, exchangers, reactors, and separation equipment is also covered in IJPT.


Transfer of the International Journal of Petroleum Technology

From January 1, 2023, Avanti Publisher will regain ownership of the International Journal of Petroleum Technology (ISSN: 2409-787X).


December 17, 2022

Call for Paper: IOR/EOR for Conventional Reservoirs

IOR/EOR technologies are an evergreen theme of conventional fields in Petroleum Engineering used by almost all companies using water injection or chemical methods. This topic highlights the latest IOR/EOR injection technologies and achievements in related machine/deep learning and environmental protection.


August 16, 2022

Transfer of the International Journal of Petroleum Technology

The International Journal of Petroleum Technology (ISSN: 2409-787X) has been acquired by the Petroleum Engineering School, Southwest Petroleum University.


November 2, 2021
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Topics of Interest:

Production of Hydrocarbons

Oil Refining

Petroleum Geochemistry

Synthetic Fuel Technologies

Petro Physics

Oil Shale Technology

Petroleum Economics

Drilling and Drilling Fluids

Petroleum Geology

Petroleum Exploration, Production and Flow