Journal of Advances in Applied & Computational Mathematics

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Vol. 10 (2023)
Published May 10, 2023

The Journal of Advances in Applied & Computational Mathematics is a peer-reviewed publication that serves as a platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge research in the fields of applied mathematics and computational mathematics. The journal is dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of mathematical methods in a wide range of real-world problems and disciplines, including physics, engineering, biology, finance, and more.

The journal publishes high-quality, original research articles, review papers, and technical reports that present new methods, algorithms, and models in applied and computational mathematics. The aim of the journal is to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date resource for researchers, academics, and practitioners in these fields, and to promote interdisciplinary collaboration among mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

Whether you are a researcher exploring the frontiers of mathematical theory, or a practitioner looking for new ways to solve real-world problems, the Journal of Advances in Applied & Computational Mathematics is an indispensable resource for staying informed about the latest developments and advancements in these fields. The journal is committed to advancing the understanding and application of mathematical methods for the benefit of society and the scientific community.


Call for Paper: Recent Advances of Fractional Calculus and Mathematical Inequalities

This issue showcases groundbreaking research highlighting the significance of fractional calculus in diverse fields, including fluid mechanics, viscoelasticity, physics, biology, chemistry, dynamical systems, signal processing, and entropy theory.

Submission Deadline: October 31, 2023.


March 20, 2023

Call for Paper: Artificial Intelligence and Metaheuristic Optimization Methods in Engineering and Biomedical Application

This Special Issue intends to promote the revision and publishing of outstanding theoretical and practical applications of metaheuristic optimization techniques to solve engineering problems with special emphasis but not exclusive to biomedical applications. Therefore, all high-level research studies applying artificial intelligence and metaheuristic optimization for solving engineering and science applications based on a formal mathematical description are welcome.


December 27, 2021


Xiangdong Qi, Hongqi Zhang, Xitong Sun, Zhihua Wang
Numerical Investigation on Flow-Field Characteristics towards Removal of Free-Water by A Separator with Coalescing Plates
Leonidas Mindrinos
The Electromagnetic Scattering Problem by a Cylindrical Doubly-Connected Domain at Oblique Incidence: An Inverse Problem
Auwalu Sa'idu, Hikmet Koyunbakan
A Conformable Inverse Problem with Constant Delay
Samah Mabrouk, Ahmed Saad Rashed
On the G'/G Expansion Method Applied to (2+1)-Dimensional Asymmetric-Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov Equation
Nadaniela Egidi, Josephin Giacomini, Luciano Misici, Alessia Perticarini, Riccardo Piergallini
Analysis of the Computational Cost of PolyFront: an Algorithm for Planar Triangulation
Nurettin Bağırmaz
Fuzzy Rough Subgroups on Approximation Space
Dashrath Singh, Jai N. Singh
Arithmetic Mean-Geometric Mean Inequality for Convex Fuzzy Sets
Giulia De Santis, Nadaniela Egidi, Josephin Giacomini, Eleonora Gioia, Pierluigi Maponi, Lorenza Spadoni
Landslide Hazard Assessment Model for Slope Stability Analysis
Xueying Cui, Yuqiang Feng, Jun Jiang
Generalized Legendre Polynomial Configuration Method for Solving Numerical Solutions of Fractional Pantograph Delay Differential Equations
İzzettin Demir
A New Approach of Milne-type Inequalities Based on Proportional Caputo-Hybrid Operator
Youssef N. Raffoul
Analysis of Functional and Neutral Differential Equations via Lyapunov Functionals
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Aims and Scope

Journal of Advances in Applied & Computational Mathematics is devoted entirely to publish high quality research works covering all branches of applied and computational mathematics with special encouragement to research in theoretical computer science and mathematical computing. The journal provides an opportunity for scientists, engineers and research scholars to share their latest research work through this platform.

We publish original research articles, reviews, short notes, conference papers etc relevant to the field of Applied & Computational Mathematics.

Our topics of interest are:

• Numerical Linear Algebra

• Game Theory

• Computational Linguistics

• Networks

• Computational Geometry

• Optimization

• Computational Topology

• Computational Sciences

• Symbolic Computation

• Information Technology

• Applied Statistics

• Mechatronics

• Mathematical & Computational Physics

• Economic and Energy Systems

• Computational Intelligence and Complexity

• Mathematical and Computational Finance.

• Control Theory