Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a platform through which quality research makes its way from the authors’ desk to the world in its best form as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Publishing research used to be easy, but that’s not the case anymore. Authors, especially new researchers, struggle to get their articles published in reputable journals even if the content of their papers is publication-worthy. Some of the common problems authors face are high processing charges for open access publications, strict submission and preparation guidelines, and delays in publication (due to publication schedules or queues for processing submissions).

We are trying to combat these problems by:

1) Reducing the processing charges to an absolute minimum and offering generous discounts and fee waivers. We will continue this practice even when our titles get more popular.

2) Not having specific formatting requirements — our team does the work for authors. We expect the authors only to adhere to the journal’s Publication Ethics and Malpractice Policies.

3) Publishing articles with continuous periodicity. Time spent during peer review and revision is the only delay between submission and publication.