Our Story

Avanti Publishers is a scholarly publishing group that has made remarkable progress since its establishment in 2014. Initially, with only three employees, limited resources, and thirteen new journals, we faced several challenges. Despite not having affiliations and support from an institution, we managed to maintain our publications' quality, attract new submissions, and increase their visibility among the scientific community. We have published over 400 articles and work with around 200 active editors worldwide, which is a testament to our progress and growth.

We acknowledge the difficulties associated with running a scholarly journal, and we're proud of the efforts of our editors, who have helped maintain the quality of our publications while collecting submissions. However, due to a low number of submissions, we had to compromise on the quality of publications, waive the processing fee for most submissions, and try to convince researchers to contribute to our journals. We are fortunate to have the trust and support of our Editors.

Over time, we have learned that quality is paramount, and we ended up transferring four journals to Zeal Press, an academic publisher based in the United Kingdom. This allowed us to focus on improving the remaining nine journals and ensure that we provide quality publications to our readers.

At Avanti Publishers, we are continually working to enhance our journal standards, meeting the expectations of our authors and readers. To this end, we recently redesigned our website, making it mobile-friendly and added rich metadata to publications to enhance their visibility. We have also redefined our workflow, receiving and processing submissions online only. Finally, we added a marketing consultant to our team to improve our social media presence.

Our vision is to provide quality research to the world in its best form, and we will continue to strive for excellence. With our dedication, passion, and commitment to our authors and readers, we hope to further develop our journals' popularity and credibility as a publisher.